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At Vika Ventures, our experienced investment professionals source opportunities worldwide through an extensive network of founders, partners, brokers, and shareholders. We invest in exclusive, frontier technologies built by hard-to-access founders that are making the world a better, safer place.

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Vika Ventures is a premier boutique venture capital firm that specializes in pre-IPO investments and the private equity market. Our  primary investment objective is to make venture capital and growth investments in various early and late-stage private companies. The focus of our fund is investing in pivotal technologies including digital media, social media, clean tech, life science industries, and artificial intelligence. Our extensive network in Silicon Valley, the Middle East, and Asia gives us a competitive advantage when analyzing potential investments. We aim to transform industry segments and seek companies that can generate a significant return. The high tech industry is rapidly evolving, new opportunities are emerging and we are at the forefront to capitalize.  

Venture Capital

Startup venture capital investment offers the opportunity for high-risk, high-reward investment. Our experienced management team at Vika Ventures seeks to take advantage of key trends identified in the tech industry through  comprehensive due diligence on target companies. Institutions and accredited investors have the opportunity to acquire venture capital equity before liquidity events, a new and exciting proposition.

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